Occult World Mysteries & Esoteric Forbidden Knowledge

In any in-depth study of the occult world mysteries that surround us one soon recognises a critical truth: Prior to recorded history many millennia ago there once existed an extremely advanced civilisation on the face of the earth. Global in scale, it was highly evolved in science and technology, and also spirituality.

As time passed though, due to corruption, war, and celestial catastrophe, this ancient civilisation was all but wiped out. Only a remnant remained, mostly composed of the unlettered and the uncultured, as the ancient Greek philosopher Plato recorded. Civilisation had thus to begin all over again.

Now the great scientific and arcane discoveries of this ancient civilisation were not entirely lost at its fall. The occult knowledge both of spirituality and high science was retained at some level, being secretly transmitted throughout the ages.

Indeed, it developed the aura of being forbidden knowledge dangerous to pursue.

It was encoded in mythical stories of gods and goddesses; elaborate symbols and mathematical ciphers. Indeed, even the ruins of ancient megalithic structures as survive to this day are a testament to the great and secret knowledge of this lost civilisation from a forgotten era.

Ancient World Mysteries of a Forgotten Age Now Unveiled

In penetrating deep into the world mysteries of occult science and forbidden knowledge one simply cannot ignore the spiritual aspect of the quest. Most especially the various mythological traditions from ancient times that include stories of supernatural deities, great celestial changes, cycles of destruction, and 'end of age' catastrophes.

Now one overriding aspect to the study of all these things is measure. And herein I draw attention to my own esoteric studies building upon certain well noted pioneers before me.

To crack the code of the world mysteries and reveal the hidden truth behind them, I sought to discover if there was one true universal system of measure. An 'ideal' set of units for both distance and time, that tied together esoteric traditions, and a higher order of physics that some might equate with 'magic'.

Now in my stated aim, I can confirm success to a certain limit beyond what I even thought possible.

I have indeed been able to fathom some of the deep principles of the occult physics at work in nature. In times past such were guarded by the mystery schools of old. Today, the so called 'military industrial complex' hold the keys to the kingdom.

The Lost Age of High Knowledge

The culmination of many years of research finally yielded my Magnum Opus - my Great Work. A published book containing my greatest discoveries on the forbidden knowledge of the ages, with unique evidence presented confirming the existence of a once mighty ancient civilisation, brought low and almost lost in time completely up to the present.
Moreover, in the course of my research it became very clear, as others have noted before me, that certain modern scientific developments allied to various military/corporate interests indicate that some subtle power is well aware of the achievements of this lost civilisation; actively seeking to re-engineer their occult science.
Now what ties everything together and validates this reality, are the inescapable clues that both the ancients and their modern scientific counterparts understood a great deal about universal measure - the key to esoteric physics. In The Lost Age of High Knowledge the deep secrets of this universal system of measure are revealed.

If you would have the forbidden knowledge closely guarded by the elite and held back from the masses, it is yours to be had. Consider carefully the world mysteries presented and decoded in my book...

The key topic areas comprise:

  • A rigorous study of the megalithic monuments of the ancients, including The Great Pyramid of Giza and Stonehenge. Solid evidence presented of intentional placement on a global scale, inescapably revealing advanced knowledge of mathematics and geometry amongst a lost civilisation.

  • A key proof that these two noted structures were energetic devices tied together as part of a global network, and that through resonance they tapped into the energies of the earth itself. The science behind their functioning is also revealed.

  • A fundamental shift to the earth-moon system in the distant past decoded, including the transformation of the wider cosmos: The forbidden knowledge of the lost harmony of the solar system.

  • Decisive solutions to the world mysteries detailed in the ancient mythological stories of the past, most notably the Greek myths related by Ovid - all backed up by hard evidence and astronomical proofs based upon rigorous scientific observations and data.

  • How celestial conjunctions of extreme accuracy trigger great earth changes - the true physics behind the claims of the ancients. They are indeed exonerated!

  • The secrets behind ultra-precise earthquake forecasting as jealously guarded by covert military-intelligence agencies of the modern age, following on in the traditions of certain ancient mystery schools.

  • The forbidden knowledge behind astrology: A real physical occult science governed by the dynamic configuration of the celestial bodies. For those who have always suspected that Astrology is a true science, but that have never been presented with the key proof of exactly how to model its effects - I provide the answers.

  • The occult physics behind nuclear weapons. Truly these immensely powerful weapons are not all that they seem, being just ‘bigger bombs’. Within my book I divulge some of the deeper secrets of these devices revealing certain highly classified aspects of their functioning.

  • How a nuclear weapon distorts time, triggers time delayed earthquakes, and how the positions of the sun and moon, and celestial resonance are utilised to actually trigger a nuclear explosion. This is one of the key proofs that indeed validates Astrology as a true science.

  • The siting of modern-day covert military facilities around the world. An evaluation of some of the key sites of the global Echelon spying matrix, including Pine Gap in Australia, Menwith Hill in England, and Buckley AFB in the United States. The exacting placement of these facilities reveals a deep understanding of how to tap energetically into the earth’s fields through resonance.

  • Proof that the science of sacred geometry is being re-discovered all over again. Confirmation that the modern scientific elite are positioning certain key structures in line with the placement of megalithic monuments of the past. The ancient world mysteries are thus revealed by consideration of present day technological facilities.

The Lost Age of High Knowledge

Hardback Book: 432 pages

Chapter Headings:

      Part 1

       Transformation of the Celestial Realm

       1 The Basis of Ancient Measure
       2 The Earth Orbit & Form Transformed
       3 The Geometry of Astronomy
       4 The Earth-Moon System
       5 Of Ancient Myths & Astronomy
       6 The Disruption of the Moon Orbit
       7 Light Speed & the Ideal Earth Orbit
       8 The Ideal Earth Form: A Perfect Sphere
       9 The Lost Harmony of the Sun & Moon
     10 A Once Harmonious Solar System
     11 Precession of the Equinoxes
     12 Global Destruction in Ancient Times

Part 2

Advanced Nuclear Technology in the Ancient world

13 Ancient Engineering on an Immense Scale
14 The Physics of a Nuclear Explosion
15 The Energy Harmonics of Nuclear Weapons
16 The True Operational Nature Of Nuclear Devices
17 Nuclear Weapons: Exotic Effects
18 The Nuclear Physics of Earthquakes
19 The Philadelphia Experiment
20 Re-engineering the Lost Science of the Ancients

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