Echelon - NSA National Security Agency Surveillance at Menwith Hill UK & Pine Gap Australia

ECHELON Unveiled: With the explosive revelations of Edward Snowden revealing the existence of a high level NSA program of electronic surveillance with near total global coverage, worldwide concern over privacy rights has never been higher. Indeed, in the case of the USA in particular, NSA spying would appear not just to have targeted foreign communications, but also to have involved blanket domestic spying in blatant violation of the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution.

Now the global signals intelligence (SIGNIT) program of the US is commonly known as Echelon, and involves a partnership of several nations, with the United States itself being the dominant partner. Bound by a treaty known as the UKUSA Security Agreement, five nations are involved in the NSA program. They are the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand; sometimes referred to as the 'five eyes'. In each of these countries there is at least one special signals intelligence facility involved in either intercepting or processing electronic communications.

Global Expansion of the Echelon NSA Surveillance Program

Though the USA is the dominant partner in the five eyes group, two of the most prominent bases in the Echelon Matrix are outside mainland USA. One is located at Menwith Hill in England, and the other at Pine Gap Australia.

Both the Menwith Hill and Pine Gap bases form a special pairing allowing them to tap in to extremely low frequencies (ELF) of the electromagnetic spectrum - most specifically 60 Hz, which itself is the main frequency of the US Power Grid system. A very special link between these two sites - unique to the Echelon NSA surveillance program - provides incontrovertible evidence of this; with the very nature of the link hinting at a very special feature of the whole network. One that is highly classified.

A review of the history of the development of the global NSA building complex with the focus on these two key sites is essential to reveal their secrets, beginning with the first, as established in the UK.

Menwith Hill UK

The history of the Menwith Hill signals intelligence base begins in 1954 with the acquisition of some 545 acres of land by the British War office; the land itself being subsequently leased to the USA. Construction then began on a facility whose primary purpose was to serve as a missile warning site, in addition to actively monitoring Soviet and Eastern Bloc diplomatic and military communications.

The Menwith Hill site itself was ultimately established in 1956 under the US Army Security Agency (ASA), who continued to run the base until June of 1966. At such time the facility was then turned over to the NSA National Security Agency.

In 1974 the site began to intercept satellite communications, with radar dish antennas housed underneath a series of spherical radomes (weather proof enclosures that look almost like giant golf balls). As of 1985 the total number of radomes and dishes had increased from 4 to 26, with even more planned for the future.

Now with the size of the Menwith Hill base as it stands in terms of its hardware, and with a personnel of approximately 1800 (1200 US & 400 UK employees), it has been identified by some as the largest electronic surveillance facility in the world. Moreover, what has caused such heightened concern about this site, including others of the Echelon Network, is a noted shift in focus. Rather than a narrow NSA spying program targeting purely foreign military traffic, it has morphed into a government surveillance tool targeting everybody - on a global scale.

Ordinary citizens engaging in perfectly legal political activities are being targeted. Not only this, but there also appears to be evidence that foreign (i.e. non-US) companies are being surveilled; information about their business activities being covertly obtained and passed on to US companies for commercial advantage. Whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden, including such prominent individuals before him like Russell Tice and William Binney, who have themselves worked on the NSA spying program, have all shared these concerns publicly for a number of years, especially in the wake of the events of 11 September 2001.

Now one extremely important point to make concerning the Menwith Hill base is that its increased capabilities were not just achieved by additional hardware installed at the site itself. But rather by the construction of a new SIGINT NSA wiretapping base some 9300 miles away in Pine Gap Australia. A special energetic frequency link between both sites was established as a result of this.

Pine Gap Australia

It is very noteworthy that in the year 1966 when the NSA National Security Agency took over the Menwith Hill UK site from the US Army Security Agency (ASA), that in December of the very same year the US government signed the Pine Gap Treaty with the Australian government. The Treaty allowed for the establishment on Australian soil of a new US run facility given the rather innocuous title of Joint Defence Space Research Facility.

From its inception several US agencies were involved in the new Pine Gap base. This included the NRO National Reconnaissance Office, heavily involved in the development and production of US spy satellites, the CIA Central Intelligence Agency, and also the GIA Geospatial Intelligence Agency.

Although not hinted at with its official title, the new US base in Australia was established almost as a replica of the Menwith Hill UK site. Built near Alice Springs, almost the dead centre of the geographical landmass that is Australia, the Pine Gap base started out small, as with Menwith Hill. It initially had only a few radomes before expanding to 14, each protecting antennas, with an overall personnel of over 1000 as of the late 1990s.

Now in addition to the information already presented, there is one further intriguing fact to note about the NSA building at Pine Gap. And that is that the site is host to arguably the deepest drilled hole in the whole of Australia - near to 5 miles in depth. Indeed, according to researcher Stan Deyo, who once held an Above Top Secret Clearance and worked under Edward Teller as part of a team to study anti-gravity technology, those responsible for drilling the hole told him quite specifically that it was taken to a depth of at least 5.3 miles. The depth of such a bore allows it to broadcast very low frequencies by acting as an "antenna".

Pine Gap Australia - The Secret Behind the Site

The true secret of the Pine Gap base lies in its positioning. The location of the site under the 1966 Treaty was not due to chance. Indeed, one might be forgiven for thinking that the NSA building could have been built pretty much anywhere in Australia, as indeed large swathes of the country are composed of open desert. Selecting a preferred remote location would not therefore be too difficult.

Be that as it may, the latitude-longitude position of the site was in fact determined by a very specific energetic consideration.

The primary aim behind the positioning of the Pine Gap NSA building was to establish a link to its sister site at Menwith Hill UK, via a very specific distance unit; one possessed of a harmonious relationship to the earth itself, in addition to being associated with a basic 60 Hz frequency cycle under the electromagnetic light spectrum.

The first step in revealing this is to be had from considering a most remarkable association between the following:

1) The circular circumference of the earth at its equator
2) The arc distance between both Echelon NSA surveillance sites. 

Concerning the first value, the equator of the earth, one may note that under the most advanced earth ellipsoid model in use today, the WGS84 model, the earth equatorial circumference is determined to be 24901.46089 miles.

Now concerning the second noted measure, one can see above left a calculation, as reproduced, giving the 'great circle' distance connecting up the Menwith Hill UK and Pine Gap Australia sites over the surface of the earth. And as one can clearly see, this is based upon the WGS84 ellipsoid model.

Below: Diagram showing the great circle line over the surface of the earth connecting up the two facilities - 9338.37794 miles in length.

With a set of values in hand then for both noted measures, one may consider next the ratio between them:

From the calculation one can see that the ratio as obtained is very close to the exact fraction 8 / 3. Now what this implies is that if one were to divide the total equatorial circumference of the earth by 8, one should have a value very close to the Menwith Hill - Pine Gap separation distance, itself divided by 3. And this indeed proves to be the case:

Accepting a certain level of error one can note that the average value of 3112.737628 miles has a harmonic fit of 8 times to the earth equator, and 3 times to the distance between the Echelon NSA buildings.

What is the significance though of this value in terms of the electromagnetic spectrum?

Well, in order to determine the frequency of any given propagating waveform under the EM spectrum, one must divide the speed of light by a given wavelength distance. In the case of 3112.737628 miles, the following result is to be had:

Now such a close match to a precise 60 Hz frequency does not lack significance, considering the fact that it is none other than the very AC frequency cycle of the United States power grid system [1]. As a result, one can hardly pass off this connection as mere coincidence.

Moreover, the fact of its existence appears to reveal the long range global planning that has gone in to expanding the Echelon matrix over the past 50 years or so.

The Pine Gap Antenna

Bearing the above points in mind, it would be well to say something more about the previously noted bore hole at the Pine Gap Australia site. Now from what was relayed to Stan Deyo, the hole was drilled to be at least 5.3 miles in depth. And this seems to indicate that something e.g. an antenna, was constructed and inserted into the hole; the engineers ensuring an adequate tolerance in terms of the depth of the shaft.

With this noted, and in view of the 60 Hz connection revealed, it is very likely that the exact length of the antenna is a notable fraction of 3112.737628 miles, as connects up Pine Gap with Menwith Hill (x3). The following calculation may reveal the true length of the antenna:

A simple division by 600 of the separation distance between sites (divided by 3) would indeed seem most likely. It maintains a harmonic sub-division of the noted distance as would itself maintain energetic significance linked to the earth.

Capabilities of the NSA Surveillance Program

In considering the link up between the two Echelon sites, including the noted deep drilled hole at the Pine Gap Australia site in particular, what then can be said of the system? Why was it built and what can be achieved by the placement of the two sites in accordance with an 8 / 3 ratio linked to the earth circumference?

The answer would appear to be had from a consideration of the work of the great pioneer of wireless communication: Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943). During his lifetime Tesla made many breakthroughs in wireless telegraphy, and in establishing the physical principles and laws that govern the propagation of light waves, including the transmission of power over extreme distances - with or without wires.

One of the most important discoveries Tesla made was to show that the waves generated by Heinrich Hertz, thought to be broadcast by the radio transmitters of his day (and to this present day), were a fiction. To quote Tesla:

It is unfortunate that the work of Heinrich Hertz produced results which were so greatly misinterpreted, such that he retarded the advance of wireless technology by many decades. This is something that Tesla himself explained and lamented on many occasions and in many publications over the course of his life. For consider exactly the nature of wireless signals, in which a transmitting circuit is connected to the Earth and to an antenna. In the words of Tesla:

The key point to note is that what is emitted from the antenna into the atmosphere and propagates through the air at the speed of light are mere radiations. Such radiations, being of the electromagnetic spectrum, rapidly lose their power and diminish over short distances. This is the point that Tesla makes in noting that is it extremely difficult for such signals to be recovered and picked up by a receiver some distance from the transmitter. Indeed, realising the near worthlessness of the Hertz waves, Tesla's work led him to consider the wireless transmission of signals, and even power, through the Earth itself. The focus was thus upon the ground current:

During his lifetime Tesla laid out his grand vision of wireless communication globally between all peoples and cultures, and also of power generation and distribution to all corners of the Earth. In many publications he referred to it as his wireless "World System," and though he did manage to lay out its core principles, including the technical means by which to achieve it, ultimately he was not able to garner sustained financial backing to realise his dream.

Be that as it may, the key feature of the system was the active transmission of wireless signals and power through the Earth itself. Indeed, Tesla found that transmission of power through the earth was easier than transmission through a wire. His World System required the construction of several primary facilities around the globe to generate and transmit power. These would be located at special positions upon the Earth as would allow for resonant interaction with the planet. Indeed, the energetic excitation of the planet through resonance was critical to the system as a whole:

The Echelon NSA program - The Realisation of Nikola Tesla's World System

Bearing in mind the importance Tesla placed upon the transmission of wireless signals and power through the ground, and of having terminals connected directly to the Earth to achieve resonant excitation of the planet, the function of the two noted Echelon sites becomes readily apparent - most especially the Pine Gap facility located in central Australia.

With its deep drilled hole some 5 miles in depth it is doubtless the case that the Pine Gap base houses a direct ground terminal connection to the Earth, forming part of an electrical mechanism for generating vast amounts of power through interaction with the planet through resonance. Indeed, the link up to the Menwith Hill site in the UK via a 60 Hz frequency connection certainly demonstrates that whatever is going on respecting these two sites, is definitely tied in to the generation and transmission of electrical power.

Given this, one would certainly suspect that the Pine Gap site as a functioning power plant would be capable of producing electrical power far exceeding that of most nuclear power stations. Moreover, the power itself, as is capable of being transmitted through the Earth to any distance with precision, and to any amount as desired, would allow for the following:

1) The reception of power at another site for industrial purposes e.g. covertly powering underground military bases of strategic importance, or recharging the batteries of military vessels such as ships or submarines.

2) Projection of a highly destructive effect at a given target location e.g. creating an immense seismic event i.e. an artificial earthquake.

Certainly the latter noted of the two features, most especially associated with the Australian Echelon site, will doubtless be heavily classified. Indeed, one would hardly expect US authorities to admit to their Australian counterparts such capabilities with respect to the site, which certainly would have found no place in the original 1966 Treaty.

In Summary

It would seem then that the National Security Agency of the United States has in fact built Tesla's wireless World System in secret following the demise of its pioneer, who himself was unable to see it fully realised in his own lifetime. Unfortunately however, it has not been built for the benefit of mankind as a whole, as the inventor wished, but instead, for the benefit of a few: Those with a militaristic agenda, whose aim is the oppression of mankind.


[1] In contrast to almost all other major Western nations, where the (alternating) frequency of mains power is predominantly 50 Hz, the United States of America itself stands almost alone in using a 60 Hz frequency on their power grid systems. One may note Japan however, as an advanced non-western country that uses a combination of 50 and 60 Hz.